About Story

About Story

The Sahara Global Business Group was founded in the year 2021.  Before 2021, all I had was a pushcart and a dream to one day be a successful human, and by 2021, with the support of my team we have achieved half of the goals, owning everything from hospital to schools to agriculture to finance and many more.  We've put in a lot of hard work as well as clever effort to get here in such a short time. The major goal of the Sahara Global business is to give everyone an equal shot, which we all struggled to achieve since we, the Sahara team, understand how significant a single opportunity is.

Rather than focusing on business, our foundation is continuously on the lookout for methods to assist those in need. All of our prosperous sectors offer a portion of their profits and assistance to children who cannot afford education, health benefits to individuals who cannot afford treatments, and so on, as my whole team believes that “when God gives you a lot, you should use it to help others as well.”  

We are doing everything we can to improve our country, from road development to hospitality services to agriculture, and everything else we can think of. Not only that, but we also want our company to be able to supply everything a human could possibly need in their lifetime. We are determined to assemble this strategy together as soon as feasible.

Our Team

Sudarshan R. Sharma
Founder / Chairman