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Sahara Global Hospital Pvt. Ltd

We founded the hospital with the goal of providing health benefits to the people at a reasonable cost. We also intend to introduce good technologies h ...Read More

Sahara Education & Management Pvt. Ltd

Our school management sector is brimming with upgraded technology, and our sole purpose is to ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality educat ...Read More

Sahara Construction & Architecture Pvt. Ltd

Our country still doesn't have enough good construction and architecture projects, therefore I became interested in it. My team and I are constant ...Read More

Sahara Hydro & Energy Pvt. Ltd

Hydro power and energy is one of the most basic and necessary industries, and it has been rapidly developing in recent years, so our organization also ...Read More

Sahara Multi Agro & Farming Pvt. Ltd

Nepal has amazing terrain for farming, and the only thing it lacks is good and simple technology. That is why we established this industry, and we wil ...Read More

Sahara Hospitality & Management Pvt. Ltd

How can I overlook the hospitality sector in a country like ours, where mountains and forests are the greatest glory? We have attempted to make the mo ...Read More

Sahara Television Pvt. Ltd

Through technological resources, we can go anywhere and learn anything. As we've seen it expand, and the scope to which we've expanded this fi ...Read More

Sahara Foundation

For the entire Sahara team, this is the most special sector. We use a portion of the profits from all sectors to support the underprivileged people th ...Read More