Behind The Story

The Sahara Global Business Group was founded in the year 2021.  Before 2021, all I had was a pushcart and a dream to one day be a successful human, and by 2021, with the support of my team we have achieved half of the goals, owning everything from hospital to schools to agriculture to finance and many more.  We've put in a lot of hard work as well as clever effort to get here in such a short time. The major goal of the Sahara Global business is to give everyone an equal shot, which we all struggled to achieve since we, the Sahara team, understand how significant a single opportunity is.


We intend to achieve worldwide best practices and establish ourselves as a premier power generation firm. Currently, we are intending to open every form of business that we, as humans, will require throughout our lives. We intend to seek new prospects with enthusiasm, using synergies in the power generation industry. We strive to improve our competitiveness and generate profitable growth on a consistent basis. In the future, we will make every effort to expand our global business tenfold. Also, be a good corporate citizen who promotes human values and societal concerns.


Vision Our vision is straightforward. In all of our initiatives, we maintain the highest level principles of corporate governance and strive to be a financially healthy firm that improves the lives of the local community. We are doing everything we can to improve the hospitality sector and make it more comparable to international hospitality concepts. We wish to be a part of the nation-building process and contribute to Nepal's economic development. In addition, in all parts of contacts and dealings, to uphold the guiding values of trust, integrity, and transparency.


Our goal is to be the best in the industry in terms of project execution, quality, reliability, safety, and operational efficiency. To overcome problems and achieve goals, we develop a work culture that fosters learning, individual growth, team spirit, and creativity. Our purpose is to make sure that our goal and vision are achieved promptly and that we make the best use of the opportunities that come our way.We also promote ideas, talent, and value systems in order to become the preferred employer. One of the key goals is to gain trust and confidence by exceeding peoples expectations.

Message From The Chairman

“The key to success is smart work and consistency.” The Sahara team put in a lot of effort to build the Sahara group of companies, which has now grown into a multi-company conglomerate. I'm grateful to God and believe that persistence pays off, so we don't just work for profit here; we as well work for social causes. With years and years of diligence, we are finally taking the first step toward globalizing our company. It's not like I've never seen failure. Yes, I've been let down many times, but each time I get back up with the motivation of "I'm not alone, I have a team to look after." As we have a very homey environment, we have built a great family with an even better bonding . We 0warmly welcome all newcomers and provide equal opportunities for growth. “Employee satisfaction equals firm growth.”

Sudarshan R. Sharma

Our Subsidairy Companies

Sahara Global Hospital Pvt. Ltd

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Sahara Education & Management Pvt. Ltd

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Sahara Construction & Architecture Pvt. Ltd

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Sahara Hydro & Energy Pvt. Ltd

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Sahara Multi Agro & Farming Pvt. Ltd

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Sahara Hospitality & Management Pvt. Ltd

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Sahara Television Pvt. Ltd

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Sahara Foundation

For the entire Sahara team, this is the most special sector. We use a portion of the profits from all sectors to support the underprivileged people th ...Read More

Becoming part of the community

Setting a goal for your company or team is the first step. But if you don't have a process in place, most likely you will experience "set and forget".

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